Happy Global Running Day!

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Who run the world? Lakelanders.

Celebrate the day by lacing up your running shoes, taking a little stretch, and stepping onto the running path. With so many beautiful lakes, the options for a morning or evening run are pretty endless. Under Armour even ranked our ever-popular Lake Hollingsworth as No. 20 in their “Most Popular Running Routes in the US” list! So what’re you waiting for? Grab your running sole-mate and get out there!

Here are some of our favorite routes to run around the city:

The Lake Hollingsworth Loop

Arguably one of Lakeland’s most scenic lakes, this route along Lake Hollingsworth’s popular sidewalk has a total ascent of 121 ft and a maximum elevation of 227 ft. The route traverses a distance of 4.01 miles and is a perfect mid-day or morning run along the lake. Want to run just the lake without the extra mile or so? A loop around the lake is roughly 2.78 miles.

Six Lake Run

Looking for a little more distance for your peppy-step? A well-known course that blazes through six lakes and has a 140 ft climb may be more your ambitious style. The Lakeland Runners Club created this 9.63 mile route, and it is consistently run by Lakelanders of all ages and paces.

Mitchell’s 7.5 miler

For a tour through some of the city’s most popular spots, Mitchell’s 7.5 miler begins and ends on N. Kentucky Ave. near Mitchell’s Coffee House. With a loop around Lake Mirror, the route takes you by the Hollis Garden, around both Lake Morton and Lake Hollingsworth, and by Common Ground Playground. This loop is run-derful because, even if you’re running a little latte, you can grab a coffee at the end. 😉

Lake Beulah Route

Starting and ending at Florida Southern College, this route reaches out to Lake Beulah for a 9.11 mile run around Lake Hollingsworth, Lake Hunter, Lake Beulah, and Lake Morton. We suggest this run for those wanting a very solid workout, as the route climbs 280 ft…we won’t tell if you decide to walk/jog it!

Lake Hollingsworth + Lake Morton

This hilly 5.16 mile route with a 97 ft climb offers some nice scenery, historic estates, and extensive lake views. If you’re up for a little more than just Lake Hollingsworth, this route follows Lake Morton for about half the lake and ends you in the East Lake Morton area.

Need a little more motivation to get out and run a lake (or two)? We hear ya.

Strava, a mobile app for runners, recently launched The Strava Mile, a campaign encouraging runners and nonrunners to log their fastest mile. Log your time for a chance to win a pair of brand new kicks for both you and up to 10 of your Strava followers.

Asics is challenging America to run an hour anytime between May 30th and June 6th, and will donate $1 a person to the Personal Health Investment Today organization.

Every run counts! If you’re more into group exercise, we have a great list of upcoming runs around Lakeland, many of which are weekly reoccurrences. Let’s all take a stride towards a healthier, fitter Lakeland and celebrate Global Running Day today!