Boulder Lakeland – It’s go time!

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Guys, with every passing week, Lakeland gets cooler and cooler! It was announced last November that we would be getting our first bouldering pop-up/indoor venue. Well, the time has come! Boulder Lakeland is officially open.

Bouldering is a sport similar to rock climbing–only you don’t climb up as high, and there are no harnesses. Those who are more advanced will be encouraged to navigate through the more difficult passages. New comers are welcomed to come and enjoy the climbing experience. Driven out of a high school passion, owner Ben Arnold, is hoping to bring a new “date night” location to Lakeland. Arnold is looking to inspire the community through his pop up mobile unit.

The mobile unit will give the community a chance to experience bouldering on the go in order to get a feel for the indoor facility, that will hopefully be following. Arnold and his team are excited to be sharing their love of bouldering with Lakeland!

The recurring Boulder Lakeland pop-up will be at Haka Fitness on Wednesdays & Fridays from 3:30pm to 7:00 pm. Climbers pay $4 for shoes and $8 for unlimited access to the climbing wall for the day. Arnold wants customers to come experience a good exercise but also have a fun experience while achieving your personal goal!

Boulder Lakeland is going to be a local concept where Lakelanders learn how to successfullyattain victories by climbing. They’re hoping to engage the Lakeland community into the rock climbing community through setting an encouraging atmosphere. It’s aim is to create a family friendly atmosphere for everyone and anyone to enjoy!

This is the type of workout we can definitely agree to do with a smile. Check out their Facebook page and Instagram feed for more information and to give them a LIKE.