The Downtown Lakeland Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s Day is right around the corner and you’re probably still looking for the perfect gift, right? Well, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite gifts from local shops right here in downtown Lakeland just for you! There’s bound to be something your dad will love, no matter his personality type. From the Lakeland-loving dad to the old-school pop, our city has something for everyone.

The Sentimentalist

For the pops that are moved more by heartfelt notes than a new set of barbecue tongs and the fathers that spend more time paging through old photo albums than watching football, we suggest perusing the selections at Traditions Unlimited and Stationery Loft. Personalize books like “It’s a Dad Thing” and “I Love You Dad: And Here’s Why” with memories from your childhood and loving notes for a truly special Father’s Day gift sure to jerk a tear or two. Grab a color-changing “Dad AKA my Hero” mug from Traditions Unlimited for a trifecta of mushy dad-love.

The Retro Dad

With the opening of Jesse Carl Vinyl’s new downtown location, a great selection of albums and CDs is a local, classic option for the old-school dad. Owner Jesse Ellerbe suggested Styx as the “ultimate dad band” for those Mr. Roboto-fan dads. Coliseum of Comics in downtown Lakeland specializes in comics and novelty items for Superdads worldwide that enjoy a good comic strip from time to time. Also featured in the above photo is an unconventional Ohto mechanical wood pencil from Stationery Loft.

The Lakeland Lover

Dads rooted deeply in Lakeland appreciate a guide or two about the city. Our choices for Father’s Day come from downtown’s Traditions Unlimited and detail the history of Lakeland and a historic guide. Other favorites are custom flasks from Stationery Loft and a “Greetings from Lakeland, Florida” vintage postcard tumbler from Traditions Unlimited.

The Manly Man

Dad need some assistance with his facial prowess? Maybe this year you invest in the “Best Damn Beard Oil” available at Stationery Loft. This product is specially produced for use on all types of beard and moustache hear and can handle even the unruliest muttonchops. Another favorite from this store are their “Flicker and Oak” handmade soy wax candles. With scents ranging from sandalwood to whiskey, even the manliest of men can appreciate these brawny fragrances. Traditions Unlimited’s up-cycled man-journals also make this list, as these journals, made from recycled books, can be utilized by dad for note taking and super-manly things.

Don’t see anything your pop would appreciate in this list? Nathan’s Men’s Store features everything fatherly from cutting-edge name brands like Calvin Klein and Southern Tide to formal wear and really funky socks.