About Summer Leadership Program

Would you like to meet new people and connect with other like-minded young professionals? Learn leadership skills to help you develop further in your career? Hear from successful entrepreneurs and get to know what Lakeland has to offer?

Then you’ll want to be a part of the Summer Leadership Program. SLP provides the opportunity to connect interns and new hires to each other as well as showcase all the activities and industry Lakeland has to offer.

The program takes place over five weeks and includes: events, team building activities, a behind the scenes look into local favorites such as Hollis Gardens, Polk Museum, Polk Theatre, Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture, Tiger Town, Industry Tours, food from at local restaurants and more.

Since it’s inception, the program has had 461 participants from 91 local companies and continues to grow each year.


William, Parker Street Ministries

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and about this class but more than anything it was just reaffirming how important Lakeland has been to me.”


“I didn’t expect this program to change my perspective completely about Lakeland, about what it has to offer, about how important it is to be actively involved in the community that you are a part of and about the opportunities that are here for young professionals, current leaders, and future leaders.”

Adam, City of Lakeland

“I was inspired by everyones individuality and how we brought together so many people that were so different and believed in so many different things but at the same time we all challenged and inspired each other to make ourselves better.”