About Summer Leadership Program 

The Summer Leadership Program is your opportunity to connect with other like-minded young professionals and develop leadership skills to move you forward in your career. Throughout this five week program, you will discover your skills as a leader, meet other aspiring leaders, and learn more about this community that is now your work home. 

This program includes: team-building activities, leadership speakers & training, industry tours, and an insider’s look into local favorites such as Polk Theatre, Dixieland Mall, Tigertown, A Cow Named Moo; and much more. Each week is a new adventure, but we promise each week will be fun!

If you want to meet people your own age, learn from successful leaders in the community, and have your eyes opened to all that’s going on in this city, then consider joining SLP. Give us five weeks and we’ll give you an unforgettable experience to propel you into future success.

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Interns and new hires from local companies between 18-30 years old.


Every Thursday for 5 weeks starting on June 1st or July 6th. Attendance each week is mandatory. Select the program that fits best with your schedule.


Various locations throughout Lakeland! We will be taking you all over the city in hopes that you’ll love it as much as we do.


Other than becoming Lakeland’s biggest fans, our hope is that you will develop leadership skills, connect to the community, and network with participants and local leaders.

Important Dates & Deadlines:


Registration Opens: March 27th

Registration Closes: May 1st

June Program: June 1st – 29th

July Program: July 6th – August 3rd

Ready To Join?


William, Parker Street Ministries

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and about this class but more than anything it was just reaffirming how important Lakeland has been to me.”


“I didn’t expect this program to change my perspective completely about Lakeland, about what it has to offer, about how important it is to be actively involved in the community that you are a part of and about the opportunities that are here for young professionals, current leaders, and future leaders.”

Adam, City of Lakeland

“I was inspired by everyones individuality and how we brought together so many people that were so different and believed in so many different things but at the same time we all challenged and inspired each other to make ourselves better.”

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A Little Stitious

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Keith Foley  Birthplace: West Palm, FL Company: Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits Describe your perfect picnic basket: Burger, corn chips, and Johnnie Walker If you could go back to any moment in history, what would it be? The signing of the Declaration of...

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