The Art of Escapology

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­­­­You are now CIA agent Don Frederico, and you are facing nuclear Armageddon.

The Soviet Union, under Nikita Kruschev, has strategically positioned nuclear missiles in Cuban territory with approval from Fidel Castro. The country is in utter chaos over this confrontation, and President John F. Kennedy tense with pressure to invade Cuba and enter into full-scale nuclear war.

These malicious missiles are located less than 100 miles from the country and are able to reach major cities with only a 4 minute flight time.

Your mission…should you accept…is to infiltrate Castro’s palace and discover clues undermining Soviet intelligence to disarm the situation.

You’re anxiously standing outside Castro’s palace and receive word the coast is clear to enter. However, when you enter the palace, your informants discover he is traveling quickly towards the palace and is a mere 60 minutes away! You need to complete the mission and escape the room before you are caught and the nation is put in jeopardy.

Solve the clues, answer the riddles, and uncover the hidden intelligence within the hour. Rely on your intuition and team members to successfully escape, or jeopardize the world.

This is Escapology.


A live escape game new to downtown Lakeland, Escapology brings distinctively immersive adventure gaming to the city. A team of people are locked in a room, and it’s up to them to find the clues and solve the puzzles in under an hour to complete a given mission in order to escape “unscathed.”

In addition to the Cuban Missile scenario, Escapology currently offers three other intense games ranging from finding the antidote for a powerful virus to a murder mystery train to taking down the world’s greatest hacker.

Rooms can hold up to six people to a team, dependent on the room and challenge. Escapology encourages group events, and is currently working with local restaurants to provide unique catering options. Larger groups can even play against each other in competitive “FBI versus CIA” scenarios. Prices start at $30 per person, but group rates are available.

After getting their start in Asia and gaining popularity in Western Europe, escape rooms have made a permanent home at 210 E. Pine Street. These attractions are popping up all over the country, and we here at YLakeland are ecstatic to add Escapology to Lakeland’s lineup of entertainment options within the downtown area!

Pro Tip: Escapology is currently offering a pretty great Groupon that we suggest looking into! 😉