Foodie Friday: Divicious

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5327 S Florida Ave

(863) 646-4735

Mon-Sat 7-5


A few weeks ago, we got an email from a follower about a restaurant that we needed to try out. He said it was named Divicious and they “had the best cubans” and “amazing coffee.” Being a lover of both, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this place.

I walked into the quaint and tiny restaurant on a quiet fall afternoon. The music was playing, and people were dancing, drumming, and laughing. I walked into an afternoon dance party in search for my lunch! So, naturally, I participated. I thought, “What a cool place that the employees dance with you and have just as much fun at work as you are on your lunch break?”

After our dance party ended, I ordered the world famous, or Lakeland famous at least, Cuban, with almost everything on it – hold the hot stuff. This sandwich was so good, and so filling, I was licking my fingers with every bite. I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in my stomach and had to take leftovers home for a rainy day.

Before I headed out, I grabbed a coffee that I knew they were known for, an iced angel kiss. This coffee is mixed with white chocolate and coconut, and wow! I could have sipped on it all day long if it hadn’t been gone in an hour. It’s safe to say it’s a new addiction.

Since I’m all hipped up about this video contest, I made a video about our dance party, showcasing our sweet moves and how much fun we had. Watch below: