Dog Leg Woods: a park for your pups

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Haven’t you heard?


All of Lakeland has been barking about the brand new dog park that will be opening March 10th, located off Cleveland Heights Boulevard on the Southwest corner of Cleveland Heights Golf Course. This 3-acre park will be sectioned off into two parts…one for your smaller furry friends and one for your bigger furry friends.

Curious about the name? In the world of golf, the ‘dog leg’ is a golf hole that bends along its length. The park is right on the corner of the Cleveland Heights Golf Course, or the bending point, and the area is surrounded by beautiful trees, hence Dog Leg Woods.

Spoil your best buddy by treating them to a game of fetch in the open field, a walk around the park, or by just letting them roam around the area. If you and your dog get thirsty, you can find one of the water fountains that has a section for you and for your four-legged friend. Cleveland Heights Golf Course will proudly open up its arms to all your canines with their pet-friendly porch area that offers delicious food and drinks…because humans deserve a treat too.

From open fields to size friendly areas, your pup is sure to feel that they found doggie heaven on Earth. Make sure you give your canine counterpart the love and attention they need by sharing an afternoon together at Dog Leg Woods.