About Fullbridge

YLakeland has partnered with Fullbridge, a leading global educational technology firm addressing the skills gap in young people and transitioning professionals worldwide, to help prepare our local college students for the workforce. With a focus on core competencies and ongoing assessment, Fullbridge programs empower participants with the professional skills and traits sought by employers worldwide.

Did You Know…


of U.S. business leaders believe there is a serious gap in workforce skills


of U.S. business leaders say today’s college graduates have the skills and competencies that their business needs

About Fullbridge U

Fullbridge U is a unique blended-learning experience that introduces students to professional and career-readiness skills through authentic workplace scenarios and team-based activities.

The course features 14 lessons and builds towards a capstone project in which students demonstrate mastery of core skills through a product pitch. Because of the blended online and in-person nature of the program, learners will build critical remote-working and time-management skills as they work together to complete team-based projects effectively and efficiently.

Learning Outcomes



Written Communication


Oral Communication

Project Management


Problem Solving

Business Research

Data Analysis

Financial Analysis

Job-Seeker Skills

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