Upcoming EMERGE Lakeland Events & P2P Rap Up

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EMERGE-Lakeland-P2P-WellDyneRx-YLakelandOn Tuesday I attended my last official EMERGE Lakeland Peer-to-Peer event before our P2P graduation in May.  Throughout the P2P program I have been able to spend time with other young professionals in Lakeland while learning more about what the Lakeland area has to offer.  I am constantly amazed by all the incredible companies and organizations in Lakeland and encourage you to look into them if you’re in the market for a job.

For our final P2P event we visited WellDyneRx.  WellDyneRx is a pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company that uses state of the art robotics to fill prescriptions.  The privately held company began in Colorado, but opened their second location in Lakeland in 2008.  The headquarters can be found off of Interstate 4 on Eagle Landing Drive and currently leases about 62,000 square feet of office space.  But as I learned on Tuesday, the company continues to grow and has plans to knock down a few walls and add even more square footage to their operation.  With all the plans to expand the Lakeland operation, if you’re looking for a job I recommend keeping up with this company (check out their current job openings)!

As a participant in EMERGE P2P I have been able to meet some great young professionals and learn more about Lakeland.  At first I was intimidated to attend EMERGE Lakeland events.  I wasn’t sure if there would be anyone there my age (since I just graduated in December) and I didn’t want to attend events alone. But since joining the P2P program, I have made friends and feel more confident about attending EMERGE events in the future. I highly recommend going through the P2P program if you’re at all interested in being an active member of EMERGE Lakeland.  The time commitment is minimal, but what you’ll get out of the program will benefit you for year’s to come!

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Picture from The Ledger.