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Publix does Chinese?! Why yes, yes they do.

Okay, well maybe I’m not the only person in Lakeland who was aware that Publix does Chinese cuisine at their South Lakeland Lake Miriam location. Actually, I’m fairly certain 99% of you were already aware. However, if by any small chance there is maybe 7 of you left out there who didn’t know, you do now.

Lake Miriam Publix does Chinese food…and it is awesome.

First things first, it’s delicious. Second, the environment is clean and familiar. I think there’s something intimidating about the amount of selections available to people when choosing a Chinese restaurant. There’s so many that it’s hard to know what’s going to be worth it. Because Publix is such a well-known name, there’s nothing scary about putting all your trust and money into a meal there. Also, there’s a great seating area right beside where you get your food and check out. To many people–myself included–Chinese food has become a “take-out” meal because it might be difficult to find a sit-down Chinese restaurant that is well-lit and comfortable enough. Publix’s Chinese Kitchen offers just that.

The process is easy enough: Walk-in, order your food, take it over to the self-check out area and pay (which start-to-finish takes all of 2 seconds), walk back over to the seating area and dig in.

Another big plus: the prices. For some reason, I was under the impression that the Chinese food available at Publix was more expensive than anywhere else. I was very pleased to find that a basic meal (one meat, fried rice or lo mein, and an eggroll) was only $5.99. I’m sold.

They also do “family dinners” for 4 and 6, in case you’re feeding more than just yourself.

My fortune cookie fortune that day read, “Traveling to the east will bring you great rewards.” I ended up in Lakeland at  Publix eating said rewards so I guess that’ll do.