October, the month of Music Munndays

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You know it’s October when sweet melodies waft from downtown’s “central” park. 


Munn Park‘s grassy circle fills with spectators as a beloved community member, performer, or band entrances them with sweet chords and swift vocals every week of October. This yearly tradition is something we look forward to every year here at YLakeland, and we are so grateful the Lakeland Downtown Development Authority and the Imperial Symphony Orchestra come together every October to bring such tunes to the downtown area on our lunch breaks.

An event easily scheduled for your mid-day meal, Music Munndays can be heard from nearby Black & Brew, Divicious, and even Harry’s.

Today, I grabbed my leftover empanada from last night’s Mega Mercado dash and set out for the grassy spread. Lakelanders on lawn chairs, blankets, and towels were already set up upon my noon arrival. I parked myself in the grass, catty corner to the four-post setup where Shane Lawlor, performer and owner of LkldLive, was playing acoustic rock songs and Beatles favorites. To the beat of “Norwegian Wood” I happily ate my Mexican food, watched the clouds and people passing, and felt content in just being.

Music Munndays are events you don’t want to miss.

And you’re in luck! There are three more performances before November rolls around. Don’t miss local Sumner Curtis next week and Alex Lopez Xpress the next.