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New Movie Theater at the Lakeland Square Mall!

The Lakeland Square Mall will be getting a brand new 12 screen movie theater! The theater will be located in the old Men’s Dillards on the south end of the mall.  The store will under go a large remodel to make room for the new theater which will feature Cinemark Holding’s Next Gen design concept. The Next Gen design concept will feature the latest technology and amenities including a self-serve concession stand, stadium seated auditoriums, wall-to-wall screens and high-quality sound and visual equipment. The theater will also contain the popular Cinemark XD Extreme Digital Cinema auditorium which will be the first of its kind in central Florida.  Tim Warner, Cinemark’s Chief Executive Officer stated that the project will move very quickly and they plan to open the theater in 2013!

This movie theater is now OPEN. See our post here.