Lakeland’s Mayfaire by-the-Lake

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We’re at that time of year again.

The pollen is slowly starting to wane, the days warming toward the high end of the mercury. The time of Mayfaire.

I can remember my first Mayfaire. Nintendo 64 had just come out, and my church was (at the time) quartered in the Sorosis Building on Lake Morton.

I mention N64 because while all the adults were out doing important things, like running the lemonade stand, us kids were inside playing Shadows of the Empire. I think I downed about a dozen Imperial Walkers that day. Good times.

I never took part much in the whole “arts” part of Mayfaire. Might’ve done some finger paints at some point, but I seem to have forgotten it.

No, my part in Mayfaire has always been with the 5K race. I’ve spent several hours of torn, ragged breathing struggling my way through that race.

This year, however, I must bow myself out. I’m hobbling about trying to walk without using my toe right now, mostly because I seriously underestimate how painful freezing a wart can be.

So, you might be wondering, if you are similarly incapacitated, whether because of a similar injury, crutches, or peg leg, what else is at Mayfaire?

Well, Mayfaire is famous (in Central Florida, at least) for being one of the best art shows in the state. More than 180 artists are coming this year (check here for a full list), and most of them have decent prices for their work.

Secretly, I suspect that Mayfaire was started as a sort of charity organization for husbands who routinely forget Mother’s Day. “Look, honey, we can go to Mayfaire together! For Mother’s Day! And get you some art!”

Places, Times and Parking

So the art show is going to kick off on Saturday. Hours are from 9am to 4pm for both Saturday and Sunday.

For those of you who hate trying to get a parking spot on the clustered by-streets around Lake Morton, there will be free parking at Florida Southern’s voluminous parking lot, as well as a shuttle down to the Lake.

There will be food, drink, and entertainment (come for the funnel cakes, stay for the lemonade), as well as a kids area (finger painters exhibit check-in here).

And Saturday night is (what used to be) the Streetdance. Come down to Lake Mirror, watch the race, enjoy the food, music, and stay for the fireworks. To me, it’s part of what makes living in Lakeland such a fun experience.