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Evolution Comes Downtown

While I was walking downtown to get some lunch today, I noticed that there was one less empty window out of our usual collection. Since Lillian’s shut their doors last year, there hasn’t been much of a place for music downtown.

However, if the sign and stacks upon stacks of records and other music inside are to be believed, Evolution Records is coming to downtown Lakeland. And they’re bringing the music.

Having been around Lakeland for a long time, I can tell you that Evolution Records has traveled quite a bit in this town.

They used to be over by Peking House on S. Florida Avenue, then they were over by Fat Jacks, (when it comes to navigation, I use restaurants for all of my landmarks) but now they’re finally coming downtown.

According to a blurb we pulled off the Evolution Records Myspace page, the shop will be set up and open– in time for February’s First Friday event in downtown Lakeland. Just over a week away. Sounds a little soon, but I’ll take their word on it.

Also important: they says we’re going to be getting some live music in the bargain. Sounds like the downtown music scene is coming back.