Dancing with the stars: Lakeland edition

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Ever wanted to make your Just Dance video game skills come to life?  Lakeland is lucky to have Just Dance Academy of Dance and Etiquette and they want to make your dreams come true by making you the best dancer you can be.


This dance studio does it all, from eloquent ballroom dancing to helping you with your social dancing. The best part of it all is that every first class is free! This will give you a chance to unlock your inner Tyler Gage or Nora Clark and have fun while doing it. If you’re determined to hone in your skills, it’s a mere $10 per class, or priced differently depending on the specials for that month.

For our creatures of habit, the class schedule is the same every month so you can plan around your busy schedule. The only change to their schedule is the Wednesday classes and the socials they have every month. Stay up to date on their schedule, by checking out their Facebook page.

Make sure to get yourself ready to become the best Lakeland dancer. Who knows, you might end up making it on Dancing with the Stars by the end of the year!