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Cornfusion Corn Maze in North Lakeland!

**** If you are looking for information on Cornfusion 2012 please click here.

For those of you who have ever heard someone say, “I’m so bored, there’s nothing to do, I’m so tired of doing the same old thing, I must be sooooo boring,” you can finally have a worthwhile response for them. It will go a little something like this.

“Hi boring friend. There’s a corn maze in north Lakeland that looks like a ton of fun! Go get lost in it!”

Kidding. But really, there’s a corn maze in Lakeland for the month of October!…And it looks pretty intense to me, but that may be because I could get lost in a parking lot. I haven’t been out to check it out for myself, but according to Cornfusion Corn Maze’s Facebook page, everyone that has visited has had a blast.

The maze is run by the Smith family, and is located at 13444 Moore Road in north Lakeland. The spread that the Smith family has going on looks very family friendly, and along with the corn maze has food (boiled peanuts, roasted corn and some small scale catering by Fred’s Market–fried catfish sandwiches, chopped pork sandwiches, 5-piece wings, hot dogs and fries), a mini maze for children under 4, a pumpkin patch, a corn pool (similar to a sand box for kids but filled with, you guessed it…corn kernels), a bouncey air pillow and a variety of other games.

Check out the Cornfusion Corn Maze Facebook page and their website to check out pictures that visitors have posted.

This weekend should be PERFECT for any outdoor activity, it’s going to cool down quite a bit. It will finally feel like fall…no better way to celebrate than frolicking in a field of corn and pumpkins!

***Photographs Courtesy of CornFusion Corn Maze