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Upcoming food truck events!

What makes food trucks so cool? Is it their easy mobility, or the way they show up at all the big events, or just the idea of getting awesome food from a truck window? Whatever the reason, people just love food trucks. Lakeland has its own food trucks, of course, like Taco Xpress on Highway 98 or Off the Griddle, which parks every week at the Farmer’s Market.

In fact, Off the Griddle will even be competing in Food Truck Wars tomorrow in Oviedo. The competition features 40 different food trucks all hoping to win one of the 5 awards, including People’s Choice and highest food sales. It promises lots of fun for everyone, with trucks featuring anything from seafood to desserts to barbeque. The event starts at noon and lasts until 6 p.m.

If you make the trip to Oviedo for that one and start craving more food truck events, there’s also a Food Truck Rally in Tampa on April 7th. Like the Wars, this event will feature all types of food and will have a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.

Check out these events if you’re interested, and who knows? Maybe Lakeland will host a Food Truck Rally one day….

What do you think? What are your favorite food trucks in Lakeland?


Tacos served from Taco Xpress, the food truck on Highway 98. Photo courtesy of Taco Xpress.