7 Reasons We’re Head Over Heels for Lakeland this Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentines Day Lakelanders! Okay, okay… love is in the air, which is why we’re dishing up a few reasons we’re head over heels for this sweet town that we call home.

  1. We are a community. Lakeland has a unique way of always making room for new people or ideas. The people of Lakeland lift each other up, new ideas help us grow and the life of Lakeland keeps us active. If you embrace the community here in Lakeland, it will embrace you right back.
  2. The streets are walkable and rideable. The Fitbit steps craze may have come and gone, but Lakeland still offers many walkable streets and bike friendly paths. You can park your car downtown and walk for miles without running out of sidewalk. Or if you’re feeling super zealous, grab a bike and cruise.

3. Dreamer’s are welcome. Lakeland is full of entrepreneurs and small business owners that have turned their dreams into a reality. From an old fashioned haircut experience to a workout studio with no judgement, the people of Lakeland support small business and are the reason many entrepreneurs are living out their dream here in Lakeland.

4. Food is love. And Lakeland has turned up the heat over the last few years with awesome chefs, pastry makers, candy connoisseurs and foodie masterminds all eager to share their creations with us.

5. There’s always something brewing. Whether it’s an amazing cup of coffee or a tasty craft brew, Lakeland is the place for specialty lattes and crafted beers. We have quaint coffee shops for those early risers, as well as our very own coffee roaster so that we can make tasty coffee in the comfort of our own home. There are also a handful of places serving up craft beer like Cob & Pen, Brew HubLakeland Brewing Company.

6. Pets are family too. I love getting out and doing things, but how much fun can I really have with my fur-baby at home? That’s not a problem around here! There are a number restaurant patios, dog parks and stores that allow our canine friends. Because of this, my dog has seen just as much of Lakeland as I have.

7. Free is fun. Lakeland offers so many resources that don’t cost a dime. Free WIFI at most restaurants, access to all the books in the world at the librarylive music and the ability to explore a number of parks and lakes in the area.

Lakeland, you make it so easy to love you.