I scream, you scream, we all scream for Scream’n Tuna!

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I’ve got to say, Downtown Lakeland is stepping up their game.

For the longest time, I’ve bounced between American, Italian, and Mexican cuisine on my lunch breaks. That plight is no more! The grand opening of Scream’n Tuna Sushi was today, and we’re here to share the big news.

Downtown’s only sushi bar sits inside the Nobay Apartment complex, adjacent to Uncle Nick’s and their legendary bagel repertoire. Though I love me some asiago bagels, sometimes that fishy feeling hits and you need some sashimi. Note: Scream’n has a “Fried Bagel” roll that includes cooked salmon and cream cheese, deep fried of course.

If kitschy, under-impressive Asian decor and ninja swords are a clear indicator of the restaurant’s surprisingly-impressive cuisine, Scream’n is a standard archetype.

Rolls range in price and variety, but each one we saw being delivered to a lucky table had an artistic flourish that’s absolutely mouth-water-worthy. We tried out the “Lakeland” roll…of course. Smoked salmon, eel sauce, scallions topped with eel, cream cheese, and cucumber. Not sure where the city comes in, but it didn’t matter after I took my first bite. The sushi restaurant offers an impressive combo special of two rolls and either soup or a salad for a mere $6.95. If you want three rolls, the same deal applies for $8.95. Impressive, we know.

Sushi and sashimi are also available a-la-carte and as party combos. The menu rounds off with a fine selection of appetizers, salads, and more.

Scream’n Tuna is located at 270 E. Bay Street, across from Lakeland BBQ Company. Hours vary, so check their Facebook page for more information.