Mojo jojo! All about the newest downtown venture.

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Downtown’s newest bar/restaurant duo opens up this Sunday at 11 am!


“Mojo Federal: Swine and Spirits” hosts a barbecue-centered menu, delving into the ever-elusive world of whiskeys and cocktails. Their Prohibition-era bar will offer a new energy to the area, the eighth Mojo BBQ restaurant in Florida. Located downtown, Mojo takes residence in the Federal Building at Tennessee Avenue and Lemon Street, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Originally a “Southern blues” kitchen, Mojo started in the Lakewood area of Jacksonville Beach before expanding to north Florida and now Lakeland. Though each restaurant varies based on location and respective city, Mojo consistently offers smoked meats, scratch-made sides, and includes one of Florida’s largest curated whiskey collections. Each Mojo reflects the city it resides in, and we’re excited to have a classic bar move into a classic location like the Federal Building.

Mojo will surely combine modern tastes with elegant, timeless architecture and history.

Photos courtesy of WMB-ROI, the chief architects for the renovation.

We’re loving Mojo (jojo) and are excited to celebrate its opening with you this Sunday!