Gimme “Summer” of that please…

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As the summer sizzles down, local restaurants are just heating up. Check out some of our favorite summer menus before it’s September! These menus are going, going, gone.

Photo courtesy of Black and Brew.

The drinks at Black and Brew.

We’re loving the seasonal guava mint craft soda! All of the local favorite’s drink choices, really. A constantly rotating menu really celebrates the summer season, from Hyppo Pops to their creative sodas like this one.

The summer menu at Posto 9.

The Caprese Bahiana, Tuna Crudo, and Scallops Gratin are some of our favorite seasonal flairs at the unique gastropub in Downtown Lakeland. Reminiscent of strolls down the coast and sweaty summer nights, these dishes won’t be here for long!

New summer flavors at A Cow Named Moo

Everyone’s favorite locally-made ice cream sandwiches, A Cow Named Moo’s ever-changing menu features some tastes you can only get this summer. Hurry up before they melt away! Sail away with Triple Ginger or Sailer’s Chocolate!

Happy NOMS!