Get Jitters With It

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Jitters Coffee Cafe once occupied a space in the Lakeland Square Mall, but has relocated with big plans for the future. Finding a cozy spot in the Outback Steakhouse Plaza in South Lakeland, this artisan coffee cafe absolutely loves to share their culture with the Lakeland community.  Staffed with unbelievably friendly, helpful people and decorated for the perfect #coffeeshop Instagram pic, Jitters is entirely prepared to house customers as long as they need to stay.  Open until midnight on weekdays and 2:00am on weekends, they’re dedicated to keep their doors open as long as necessary for those late-night, caffeine-driven study nights.

After a short visit with Jitters, it was clear that there was a real passion for staying local. By partnering with Lakeland coffee roasters Ethos, local, single-origin coffee grounds and loose-leaf tea will be featured in their delicious drinks. If you can’t bear to live without the brilliantly roasted, distinct taste you get from Jitters, a brand new bar will allow you to bag up your favorite grounds or tea and take them home with you! Their Lakeland pride will also shine by being one of only a handful of Polk County vendors to sell Elixir Liquid Therapy. Elixir makes organic, fresh-squeezed juices that simply can’t be found elsewhere.

Jitters also takes great pride in the importance of keeping the artistry alive in their hand-crafted drink menu. They boast a number of unique drinks including Matcha Green Tea Lattes, Cafe Con Leche, homemade Strawberry Lemonade, and affogatos. What are affogatos, you ask? Oh nothing, just ice cream drenched with a shot of espresso (heart eyes emoji), and it wouldn’t be a Jitters affogato without organic, locally made ice cream! No matter what you’re in the mood for, Jitters can whip you up something incredible.

This Saturday, they’ll be kicking off a whole day of fun by hosting a blood drive from 10:00am to 2:00pm. If you do donate to One Blood in that time frame, Jitters will reward your voluntary of act goodwill with a free pastry and $1.00 off any drink in the store! If needles give you the heebie-jeebies, no need to worry! At 6:00pm all the way until midnight, Jitters will be having an event anyone is sure to love.  Featuring live music, an appearance from Elixir Liquid Therapy, fresh coffee tastings, delectable treats from Whitney’s Home-Baked Sweets, and the introduction of Jitters’ coffee flights, there won’t be any issue filling your time while sipping on a hand-made, artisan drink. All drinks will be 30% off and retail items will be 10% off, so your wallet won’t be upset with you either!

Jitters Coffee Cafe has made the shift from North Lakeland to South Lakeland, but they’re sticking to what they’ve always done best: delicious, local, hand-made, artisan drinks you’re bound to love. Drop by Jitters this weekend and add it to your list of go-to coffee stops.