Born & Bread opens its doors!

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We all know it as the life-changing, sometimes-elusive cruffins and breads available only on Saturdays from the Downtown Farmers Curb Market, but what happens in August when the market is closed for the summer?

Born & Bread Bakehouse owner Jennifer Smurr is opening her doors this weekend, making her flaky croissants and savory loaves available to the entire Lakeland community from 8 am – 12 pm at her brick-and-mortar location. This weekend unique dreamsicle cruffins, toasted croissants and gravy, and sandwiches all grace the menu. Grab a coffee from Patriot Coffee Roasters while you’re there for a perfect duet of sweets and caffeine.

Check out her Facebook page for updates and pastry offerings! We’re so excited about it. See you there!