Born & Bread is expanding, and so is your palate!

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Lakeland’s own Born & Bread Bakehouse, famous for their cruffins and savory treats, is expanding to include a larger, more inclusive dining area.


Though construction on the project began two weeks ago, the seating area has been considerably improved to include more tables and seats. They plan to open the new space this Saturday, March 17, to celebrate their 3rd anniversary!

If you’re like me (and approximately a couple thousand other Lakelanders) you’ve probably noticed the empty storefront next to the Born & Bread shop while waiting in the gargantuan line snaking down South Florida. Once occupied by the Committee for a Strong Lakeland, the storefront has become the next chapter in the Born & Bread story. From her humble beginnings at the Downtown Farmers Market to the expansion to Born & Bread’s current brick-and-mortar space, we’ve loved seeing owner Jennifer Smurr’s progress as an entrepreneur and Catapult member.

The Lakeland celebrity has been baking bread since May of 2014 and has apprenticed under the renowned Miami baker, Zak Stern. She’s also worked with various bakers in Asheville, and considers her final products a synthesis of art and hard work.

We just love her cruffins and Benton’s bacon breakfast sandwich! We can’t wait to enjoy this new space with you.