7 Delicious Local Burger Joints in Lakeland

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Nothing is quite as sensationally satisfying as a good burger. We love those found at some of the gourmet chains planted here in Lakeland, but think these local joints deserve some love for their fixins, so we have put together a guide to our favorite burgers in town. Take a peek and hit all the top spots!

1. S&L Restaurant

Don’t wait until after work for this one. S&L Restaurant is only open until 2:00PM on weekdays and 12:45PM on Saturdays. This tiny diner is touted by many to have one of the best burgers in Lakeland, and at prices you just can’t beat. You can grab one for $4-5, or for one double the size, just add $1.75. Make sure to bring your dollars and cents, this little restaurant accepts cash only. Trust us, it’s well worth the stop!

2. The Purple Onion

This downtown eatery has a loaded menu of amazing deli-favorites, including a delicious burger that will send you straight to yum-town. Offering a number of options of the culinary classic, you simply can’t go wrong with any style you order. The Purple Onion lets their deli-roots shine in their “Greek Bacon Burger,” topped with feta cheese, black olives, lettuce, tomato, onions, and greek dressing. Give it a go, or stick with a classic, you can’t go wrong either way. 

3. Subs ‘N Such

Obviously well known for their unbeatable subway sammies, Subs ‘N Such has a hidden gem found in the “such” category. This local favorite dishes out a top-notch burger at a steal of a deal. For $5, you can get yourself a burger, chips, and a drink! Or, if you want to mix it up, you can give their “Sub Burger” a go, it’s their best kept secret! At your next visit to this Lakeland staple, give the burger a try, you won’t be disappointed!

4. Chop Shop

Burgers are the name of the game here. This downtown hot-spot has been on our radar for years, and we simply couldn’t leave it out of this list. Chop Shop serves up a huge selection of gourmet burgers you won’t find anywhere else, and sandwiches themselves are stacked to the roof. If you’re craving something more than just the classic toppings, Chop Shop branches out to serve some ingredients you don’t normally find under your burger bun (or maybe Texas Toast). Smack dab in the middle of downtown, you can’t beat the location either. 

5. Main Street Diner

On the other side of Lake Mirror nestled on Main Street, a cute little diner is hiding in plain sight. The Main Street Diner has minimal seating, but maximal meal-time enjoyment between the hours of 7AM and 7PM on weekdays. You can find all the breakfast, lunch, and dinner diner classics here, and their is more than enough to choose from. Part of their crowded menu are their good ol’, diner-style burgers that will make your taste “buds,” taste “best friends.” 

These next two restaurants see a ton of traffic and craft some phenomenal burgers, but they’re a bit of a hike from the heart of Lakeland. Both located on the far north side of our town, they’re worth the trip if you are willing to put in the miles.

6. Red Top Pit Stop

This eatery does not mess around when it comes to barbecue. Huge plates filled to the edge with good eats and smoked meats are waiting for you at every venture to Red Top. Can’t choose between classic barbecue and a burger? Don’t fret, child. “The Swamper,” as they call it, takes some of their tender pulled pork and places it right on top of the juicy burger. Some say it’s the best burger in town, some may hold a different opinion, but everyone always comes running back.

7. 716 Burgers & Brew

Just about 10 minutes south of Red Top Pit Stop, 716 Burgers and Brew is whipping up Buffalo-style grub, serving craft beers, and boasting a long list of burgers of all different kinds. Chicken fingers on a burger? Yep. Ever heard of a quesadilla burger? Me either, until I looked over their incredible menu. Want your onion rings ON your burger? No problem. The people who run the joint know what their doing, and the burgers (and the rest of the menu) prove that to be true.

There are more than enough places to find a good burger here in Lakeland, but nothing quite like what these local spots are offering. The next time you’re itching for a burger, give one of these places a shot, you’ll have a party in your mouth.