Lakeland Loves Coffee

When I’m happy, I drink coffee. When I’m sad, I drink coffee. When I’m excited, I drink coffee. When I’m tired, I drink coffee. I drink coffee. Did I mention I like coffee? Now you may think I’m crazy, but I’m not alone in my admiration and respect for the wonderful beverage that is coffee. Lakeland shares this passion with me! For today’s blog post I figured I’d list a few of my favorite local coffee shops in our beautiful city!

Concord Coffee

The newest addition to Lakeland’s coffee scene, Concord, is a hip, craft coffee shop in the up and coming Dixieland neighborhood. I was a fanatic from the start! Sporting my Concord Coffee tee around town, my friends began to associate Concord with Tucker Scruggs. Jokes like, “If you go to Concord and don’t see Tucker, did you really go to Concord?” became the norm. But there was truth in their words. I was addicted, and for good reason! Concord is quality! From a wide option of espresso drinks to specialty pour overs, Concord’s menu is sure to impress. Some of my favorites include the iced americano (great for a summer afternoon) and the cappuccino (strong and delicious). White girls, you don’t have to worry! Your favorite triple sugar caramel latte will come with a fancy cream shaped heart so that you can update your insta feed letting everyone know what you’re drinking 🙂 (I’m guilty as well). In all seriousness though, Concord is truly a special place and Lakeland is happy to welcome them.

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 Mitchells is a “true independent coffee house” and will forever have my heart. Ask anyone if they’ve been to Mitchells and the answer will most assuredly be yes. Having served the community quality coffee and pastries for as long as I can remember (1998), Mitchells truly is a Lakeland institution. Of all the coffee shops in Lakeland, to me, it feels most like home. With a warm and inviting environment, Mitchells is a great place to meet with friends and relax. Their menu features great coffee, specialty drinks (I Dream Of Jeanie is a must try), decadent pastries and desserts, and a breakfast and lunch menu with a variety of great options. Coffee aside, one of my favorite things about this coffee shop is their love for Lakeland! Each month Mitchells features new artwork from a local artist. It is this love that has kept the doors open for 17 years and this love that will continue to for years to come.



Black and Brew:

 Located in the heart of downtown Lakeland, Black and Brew Coffee House and Bistro is not just a quality restaurant, but in the words of owner and founder Chris McArthur “a community gathering place.” This is why I love it so much! To start, the coffee and sammys are top notch. In my opinion, Black and Brew serves one of the best-iced Americanos in town! I actually credit my success on the AP Calc test to this highly caffeinated beverage! Last minute late night cramming never tasted so good! However, americanos only scratch the surface. With a wide variety of ever changing specialty drinks, you’re sure to find a favorite (we tried the Almond Joy Frappe J…so good!)! When it comes to food, Black and Brew delivers yet again. The Turkey and Brie Sandwich wins gold for me, but there are many other sammys, salads, and soups to choose from. Did I mention they have craft beers and wine?

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Portico Coffeehouse is a true Lakeland gem. Located on the campus of Lakeland’s own Southeastern University, Portico donates 100 percent of its profits to missions!! What?!? How awesome is that? Now we all know Southeastern has a reputation of being hip and its coffeehouse is no different. With a vintage feel, Portico has a unique environment great for working on assignments or just relaxing with friends. As far as beverages, the list is extensive and something you truly must view to take in. You can literally get a latte whipped up just about any way you have ever dreamed (the original cappuccino is my favorite). So get up and whip on over to check out it out. You can also take a look at there menu here.




Hope all you caffeine heads enjoyed! If I missed any of your favorites comment below and let me know. Also, if you ever want to buy me a cup of coffee, just shoot me an email!