Creative Classes in our City

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It really doesn’t take a “creative” person to make something beautiful. Creative people aren’t just born creative. We all are curators of beauty in our own unique ways!


With Lakeland Creative Makers on the rise, we’re steadily seeing more room for creativity in our city. The opening of ART/ifact, emerging artists, and more locally-driven markets all help account for this shift in thinking.

We’ve compiled this list of local family-friendly and adult creative classes to help inspire you in this new year to think creatively:

Photo courtesy of Art Centric

Art Centric evening acrylic classes

If you’re in need of a studio to paint and design in that feels like home, Art Centric is the place. Their well-stocked space is neatly organized with every creative art material you could imagine. Each class is taught by a local instructor over a 2-hour class period. Choose your class based on the painting you would like to create and leave with a new piece of art for your home or to give away as a coveted gift!

Photo courtesy of Scout & Tag

Scout & Tag Workshops

Restoring old furniture or adding a rustic feel to a new piece can be a hard task for those that have never done so before. Thanks to Scout & Tag’s workshops, even the most inexperienced DIY-er can walk away with a beautifully painted piece of furniture or wall art. Once you’re done with that class, sign up for their calligraphy class to add yet another DIY skill to your tool belt.

Photo courtesy of Boondock Studios

Boondock Studios

Offering classes in how to work with leather, Boondock Studios is one of our newest creative spaces to work with the community. Leave with a new bag, wallet, or travel journal designed by you to cherish for years to come. Their studio space is used to sell their handmade items, teach classes, and host a variety of events. If you’re looking for a place to hold your next birthday party, couples event, or team night, Boondock Studios is equipped to help unlock another layer of creativity to those that walk through their doors.

Photo courtesy of Polk Museum of Art

Polk Museum of Art

What better place to be taught how to express your individual creativity than in a museum of art? Classes at PMoA range from photography to perspective drawing, sculpting with wet concrete to burning a design into wood in a pyrography course. All classes are taught by certified art teachers and/or professionals to ensure you’ll walk away satisfied and with fresh knowledge of a new creative field.

Photo courtesy of Painting With A Twist

Painting with a Twist

Gather your closest friends, or just your boo-thang, and book a class on how to paint with a twist. What’s the twist? You get to bring along your favorite beverages and snacks along with you to the class! Sip on a glass of wine, a juice box, or a glass of milk, and paint the night away!

Photo courtesy of PicassoZ Art Cafe

PicassoZ Art Cafe + Breakables Mosaic Studio

Both art studios are located in the same building as Tea Largo, offering a variety of creative outlets to explore. Whether you want to paint a piece of pottery or glue pieces of glass together to make a beautiful mosaic, these studios offer both outlets to explore! Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also book the space for a group event!